Pallas Kite Enduro 2017 Riders info


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Welcome to Pallas Kite Enduro 2017


For the second time Kite Enduro riders gather to Pallas to have the final stage of the Long Distance Snowkite Wissa World cup! Here you have the picture perfect Pallas – Yllästunturi national park all wide open to explore and race thru.

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Dates and time

Race will start 20.4.2016 thursday morning at 8.00 and sailing time in thursday ends at 22.00. 21.4.2016 Friday race will continue 6.00 and sailing time ends 14.00. Teams need to arrive to Pallas 19.4.2016 Wednesday morning the latest but we wish you welcomed earlier to study the area. Award ceremony for Pallas Kite Enduro and Long Distance Snowkite Wissa World Cup will be held saturday 22.4.2017.

Race format


Pallas Kite Enduro is a 36 hour race where teams of two try to cover the longest distance possible. The distance will be measured with passed checkpoints that will keep the race exiting to the last seconds.



Pallas – Yllästunturi national park has alot of variety that is very suitable for snowkiting. There is quite alot of vertical ascent and decent and choice of route is key. The terrain has two spots where kites need to be taken down where teams with fast packing and rigging will gain advanced! Furthermore Pallas can offer huge changes in conditions depending on your location so riders able to accomodate themselfs to changing conditions will be strong! Pallas – Yllästunturi is one of the oldest and thrid biggest national parks of Finland founded at 1938.


Who is Pallas Kite Enduro for?


Pallas Kite Enduro is part of Wissa approved long distance snowkite worldcup. But Pallas Kite Enduro is also very suitable for kiters looking to enter the world of long distance kiting. Eventough riders are deep in the backcountry the national park has small huts every 10km and the road is aprox 5 km from the race area. This way Pallas is relatively safe location to build your experience for example towards VAKE. Still we do require solid kiting skills and more importantly skills and equipments to survive camping in the national park for possible duration of 3 days.

Entry fee

There are two accomodation possibilities in Pallas that make the entry fee.

  1. Hotel accomodation (450€) including entry fee for the race, 2 nights in Pallas Hotel with breakfast and dinner.
  2. Camping accomodation (car, van or camper required) (250€) including entry fee for the race, camping spot with electricity, sauna facilities in the hotel, breakfast in the race morning and dinner in the hotel after the race.

How to enter the race?

FIrst thing is to fill out the team registeration form. The due date for entry is 31.1.2017. Late entrys are possible if the race has room but all entrys after 31.1.2017 will have extra cost of 50€. After 31.1.2017 we will inform the list of teams accepted to the race. NOTE that no entry fee is collected prior to acceptance to the race.

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For any additional details for the race

Harri Rautava

Race Master

+358 41 4338602 (also whatsapp)