Stock full of 2015 – 2016 kites with outstanding prices

Again this year we have loads of sweet toys in our shelfs waiting for a new home 🙂 We are more than happy to ship these babys to anywhere in EU and shipping cost mere 30€

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Note that these are just the latest goodies we have. Our stock has alot of wetsuits, boards, kites etc. not on this list. If you need anything just give us a shout 🙂

2015 Best Kahoona+

For seven years Kahoona was the top delta kite in the market. Year after year small details were fine tuned and it is safe to say 2015 was as good as a Kahoona will ever be. Kahoona is perfect for beginners, freeriders and guys looking for some hangtime in your jumps!

Sizes in stock and prices


Hinnat kite only:

13,5m 710€

10,5m 690€

9,5m 650€

8,5m 595€ (If you buy any bigger kite you can buy 8,5m Kahoona+  for 495€!!)

Best RP-BAR 320€ / Peter Lynn Navigator bar 280€

2016 Best Roca 

After Kahoona came to the end of its road Best announced the Roca. Roca had some big boots to fill and oh boy did it come thru! You have the good stuff from the Kahoona like insane relaunch, great stability, impressive low end and hangtime. This is all good but what was lacking in the Kahoona was the punch on those hooked in jumps, performance for unhooked stuff, drift on waves and so on. For Roca Best really stepped up to create a kite that is perfect for riders who enjoy all aspects of kiting. A little bit of this and a little bit of that if you know what I mean 😉

And click here to read the toughts of John Arne in Norway

Prices kite only:best-roca-2016

17m 920€

14m 890€

12m 820€

Best RP-BAR 320€ / Peter Lynn Navigator bar 280€

2016 Best TS

Best TS is the most popular kite here in Finland and no wonder. Firstly if you are a beginner you have nothing to worry about with this kite. For sure it has the power but it dont come uninvited. But for all of you looking FOR the power TS wont let you down! For powerfull freestyle, unhook, wakestyle and even a bit of waves TS works wonders. Comparing to Roca if you are looking for more powered ride and something that rewards riders for improving their kite and board control this is for sure the way to go!!

Price kite only:a9r434d

16m 950€

14m 890€

12m 840€

Best RP-BAR 320€ / Peter Lynn Navigator bar 280€

2015 Peter Lynn Leopard (open foil)

At 2015 Peter Lynn finally came out with the open foil kite called Leopard. This kite had been in the works for years and as the designer in PL doesn´t let any half ass kite out of hes hands this was no exception. Leopard is very very fine tuned high performance foil kite. This thing goes fast and it goes high! Many open foil kites tend to feel boring for riders looking to feel the power, Leopard is not one of them 🙂

Prices (Complete – Kite only)peterlynnleopardaquawineredleft

13,5m 879€ – 699€

11m 830€ – 650€

9m 780€ – 600€

7m 750€ – 570€