UPDATE: We have closed the rental of regular bikes. But we do offer fatbikes

Explore the beautiful Oulu with a bike

Cycling is cycling no matter where you go but Oulu offers truly a beautiful scenery for a day trip so why not rent a bike in Oulu.

You can start from the market square and work yourself thru the river mouth all the way to the Nallikari Beach. From the beach you can take a totally different route around the river mouth and see the nicest place of our town!

And instead of a regular bicycle why not hop on to one of our fatbikes. The quality fatbikes we use run smoothly on tarmac but they open up all the tracks in the woods or if you just want to ride straight to the beach at nallikari! If you wish we can also provide quided fatbike tours for you and your group 🙂 

During winter months fatbikes can be found from Nallikari Holiday Village and Koivurannan 



With Fatbike it does not matter with the surface

Currently our entire fleet of rental bikes in Oulu are fatbikes. You will be suprised how well they go on normal roads but you will be blown away how they go on sand and forest trails. So why restrict yourself only to the roads when you can go anywhere!


Where to rent and how?

During fall. winter and spring our fatbikes can be rented from Nallikari Holiday Village. In the summer months bikes are also availeble at our paddling center next to the main theathre.

To book your Fatbike you can use our reservation calendar.

If you need any information or assistance at all do not hesitate to contact us via email harri.rautava@lappis.fi or with whatsapp at +358 41 4338602

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