Welcome to snowkite in the cleanest air (WIND) in the world!

Dates (10)11-17.2.2019

Pallas is the oldest ski resorts in Finland and as it is located in a national park it has remained very close to its original stage. This sets a foundation for unbeliveable snowkiting destination. The vast open mountain terrain offers endless amount of snowkiting for kiters in all levels. For beginners you can get the feel in a flat area between the mountains and the most hardcore kiters can pack their sleeping bags and head to the huts in the national park of a night trip! On a single day you can cover up to 8 mountain tops that are all perfectly shaped from snowkiting. And majority of these tops can be reached without carrying your camping equipments with you! If you are more into flying and freestyle the natural shapes offer you insane spots for upwind gliding (not that we recomend it) and the flat valley is perfect for all of you freestylers!

Lappis kite week in the Pallas mountains is a blast – wonderful people, great snow kite terrain and stunning nature. The only downside is that as all other weeks it lasts only a week and you’ll have to go back to normal life again.

Rune / Denmark

But hey do you really want to know how it is in Pallas Kiteweek? Click here and check all the pictures on instagram with #pallaskiteweek

Anything else but kiting?

Eventough kiting is what we come here for Pallas is really the picture perfect Lapland destination. In a way it has nothing but at the same time it has everything! In Pallas you are breathing the cleanest air in the world so you know what you are getting 🙂 In the evening if you want to hunt for some northern lights you dont need to go far as the small hotel doesnt cause much light pollution at all. During the days if there is no wind we usually head up the mountains with snowshoes or splitboards (I have to mention that over the past 6 years we have had only six days with no wind).

After the days up in the mountains we chill out in the hotel that is so small that you have almost a cabin like athmosphere in it. In many nights people head out to the nearby huts to grill some sausages on open fire and on the way back from the hut it is common to have northern lights showing you the way back. Most evenings we have something going on in the hotel from kite pub quiz to lessons and daily photo competition.

What is included?

Our packages include accomodation, buffee breakfast and very nice dinner in the evening! Hotels sauna is at your use and during the sauna some might have the courage to dip in an icy lake!

Lessons and quided activities

During the week we offer snowkiting lessons from beginner cources to more advanced “snowkite in the mountains” packages. If you would like to do some more traditional activities such as huskys, snowmobiles etc. please get in contact with us and we can send your inquiries to the local safari companys.

How to get to Pallas

Click to open Google Maps to Pallas

Eventought Pallas is very remote location it is still pretty easy to get there. Just get flights to Kittilä (KTT) and from there you can get a shuttle bus (needs to be booked in advance) to the hotel. Flights from Europe are starting from ~300€

We joined Pallas Kiteweek and it has been absolutely fantastic! Harri and his Team did an awesome Job. Teaching lessons for the beginners, spotguiding tips&hints for the more experienced kiters, acting as weather prophets, renting out hardware and of course much more :-).
But it‘s not all about kiting what makes this week so special: Very nice location, meeting new people, evening activities, nice food,…
Highly Recommended!
Thank you very much!

Christoph / Switzerland

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Pallas Kiteweek 2019 pricelist

 Mon - Fri (11-15.2)Mon - Sun (11-17.2)Fri - Sun (15 - 17.2)Custom dates
Sunday 10.2
1 person room509 € 713 €254 €131 €119 €
2 person room382 € 538 €192 €96€89 €
3 person room369 €518 €184 €92 €86 €
4 person room354 € -86 €
Snowkite basic cource280 €
Snowkite in the mountains40 €/2h in group50€ /1h private
Advanced training40€ /2h in group50€ /1h private
Prices include:
- Accomodation
- Buffee breakfast
- Dinner
- Sauna facilities

How to sign up?

Unfortunately Pallas Kiteweek 2019 is fully booked! If you wish to get info about possible cancellations please contact us with the details below.

Any questions?

Email us at harri.rautava@lappis.fi for any questions you might have! If you wish you can also call +358 (0) 41 4338602 (you can also use whatsapp)

Aurora borealis a.k.a the northern lights



Would you dare to dip into a frozen lake?

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