Oulun Melontakeskus offers an unforgettable way to enjoy the waterways. Canoeing is a traditional yet thrilling way to explore the magnificent water bodies of Oulu—whether in calm waters, the surging sea, flowing rivers, or even rapids.

In 2019, Lappis merged with Botnia Outdoor. This combination has positioned Oulun Melontakeskus as the top destination for canoeing in Finland.

Oulun Melontakeskus provides a wide range of canoeing experiences. You can enjoy short canoe trips, day trips, or even pack for a week-long adventure in a kayak. We also offer canoeing courses for all skill levels, so you can start your canoeing journey right away!

Canoeing is a fantastic way to discover Finland’s nature. It offers a unique perspective on the landscape, allowing access to places unreachable by boat. Oulun Melontakeskus provides all the necessary equipment, so all you need to do is show up and embark on your adventure!

We offer a comprehensive range of canoeing services. At our Oulu and Raahen canoeing centers, you can rent all the necessary equipment and participate in exciting tours and courses. We also organize canoe trips in Kalajoki and the surrounding areas of Oulu and Raahe, allowing you to explore the water bodies of Northern Ostrobothnia extensively.

Whether you’re starting out or you’re an experienced paddler, you’ll find all the equipment you need with us. We also conduct courses accredited by the Finnish Canoeing and Rowing Federation, including Meloja 1 and Meloja 2 courses, as well as canoeing instructor courses. Additionally, we offer NIL Kayaker and Sea Kayaker courses to enhance your skills and maximize your enjoyment of canoeing.

Canoeing is a form of water travel where one moves using a canoe or a kayak with the help of a paddle. A canoe is typically paddled with a single-bladed “Indian-style” paddle, while a kayak is paddled with a double-bladed paddle. Kayaks come in singles, doubles, and even four-seater configurations for racing. Canoes range from solo to tandem and larger ones for multiple crew members.

Leisure canoeing is broadly divided into four categories. Touring involves traveling in seas, rapids, lakes or rivers, with the goal of enjoying nature and the landscape. Fitness canoeing is a way to exercise, typically done on calm waters using special fitness kayaks. Whitewater canoeing is also an adventurous leisure activity. In recent years, fishing from a kayak has also gained popularity. A kayak allows access to places that are inaccessible by boat!

Canoes and kayaks are quite different in different conditions. Typically, in rapids, there’s a need for directional changes, making canoes and kayaks more agile due to their length and the curvature of their bottoms compared to, for instance, sea kayaking, which involves narrower and more directionally stable equipment. Rapids require sturdy kayaks or canoes, so they are usually broader. Conditions also affect paddle selection.

Regarding competitive aspects, there’s a wide range of disciplines in canoeing: open canoeing, freestyle, canoe polo, canoe slalom, canoe sailing, whitewater racing, marathon canoeing, sprint canoeing, and surfski.

In just a few days of a canoeing course, one can learn the essential skills—from paddling techniques to basic equipment and safety aspects. Canoeing clubs (melontajasoutuliitto.fi), and companies like Lappis, organize beginner canoeing courses.. Additionally, a great way to get into the sport is through the beginner-friendly canoeing trips offered by the Oulu and Raahe canoeing centers.
Finland’s thousands of lakes, numerous rivers, and the sea provide a beautiful environment for canoeing enthusiasts. Moving at water level offers a unique perspective on the landscape, allowing one to see nature uniquely from a kayak or a canoe. They also allow access to places inaccessible by boat.
Firstly, what equipment do you need? Obviously, a kayak, a paddle, a life jacket, and a spray skirt.

We are the leading importers and retailers of the industry’s leading brands. Our top brand in kayak paddling is SE OMA MALLISTO. In addition to these, we represent brands like Tiderace, Exo, and other partner brands offering kayak and canoe models.

On the side of additional equipment, our range is also very comprehensive. ION and Brunotti offer a wide range of drysuits, wetsuits, shoes, gloves, life jackets, and other products. We produce life jackets, paddles, dry bags, and mobile phone pouches ourselves.

From our online store, website, and YouTube channel, you can get a lot more information about all the equipment. And remember, if something is unclear, it’s always best to contact us.

We use, rent, and teach with the equipment we import, so we know them thoroughly and can recommend the right equipment considering the conditions and users.

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