Explore our guided SUP board tours – Perfect choice for groups and individuals

Lappis’s guided SUP board tours offer unique experiences in the magnificent waters of Oulu and Vaasa. Whether it’s a company’s wellness day, bachelor/bachelorette party, or a private adventure, our tours are the perfect way to experience the joy of SUP boarding.

SUP Boarding for Groups – Onto the water together

Our SUP board tours are ideally suited for groups. The trips we organize in Oulu and Vaasa provide unforgettable experiences, whether you’re part of a large corporation or a smaller community. Each trip is tailored to meet the needs of your group, ensuring that everyone enjoys the experience to the fullest.

Oulu – Linnansaari and Other Water bodies in the Oulu Area

In Oulu, our excursions often depart from Linnansaari, but we can arrange trips on other water bodies based on the customer’s preferences. Thanks to Oulu’s paddling center, we can easily transport the boards to the desired location, offering you the chance to experience the best water bodies in the Oulu area.

Vaasa – Stunning Coastal Landscapes

In Vaasa, our SUP excursions offer stunning coastal landscapes and unique experiences. The Vaasa trips are organized from the Hietasaari Beach Club, but we aim to expand the possibility of bringing our equipment to your desired location in the Vaasa region in the future.

Qualified Instructors and Customized Routes

On every excursion, our qualified instructors ensure that all participants can focus on enjoying the sport and nature. Our instructors plan the route based on the group’s pace and conditions, ensuring that everyone gets to enjoy the best spots and improve their skills in the sport.

Additional Services – From Dining to Sauna

Our excursions can be complemented with various additional services. In Oulu, we offer the opportunity for excursion meals and tent sauna experiences, while in Vaasa, you can enjoy the offerings of the Hietasaari Beach Club. These additional services make your excursion even more memorable.

Extra Activities – From Kayaking to Fat Biking

Want to combine SUP boarding with other activities? We also offer kayaking and mountain biking to complement your SUP boarding experience. Explore our kayaking excursions and fat biking for more information. We also provide many other activities such as hiking and exploring nature.

Group Size and Flexibility

We have a highly flexible approach to group sizes. Our minimum group size is 4 people, but we can organize a guided tour for smaller groups, with billing based on a minimum of four participants. We have nearly 50 SUP boards in Oulu and around 20 in Vaasa, allowing us to cater to larger groups. Additionally, by combining our other activities, such as kayaking, fat biking, or hiking,we can arrange guided tours for groups of over a hundred people.

Price List


  • Two-hour guided tour: From Oulun melontakeskus or Vaasa’s Hietasaari – €45/person
  • City to Beach Excursion: From Oulun melontakeskus to Nallikariin – €55/person
  • SUP Tour within 30km radius of Oulu city center: €55/person
  • Tent sauna: €250/2 hours
  • Excursion meal: Starting from €15/person

Prices include VAT

Send an Inquiry and Let’s Plan Your Excursion

Whether you’re organizing a corporate event, celebrating a special day, or just seeking a new adventure, Lappis SUP excursions offer a unique experience. Simply fill out the form below and let us take care of the arrangements, so you can focus on enjoying. You’ll also find details about our scheduled guided tours at the bottom of the page.