Experience an unforgettable Fatbike adventure in the heart of nature.

Lappis offers guided Fatbike tours that provide unique experiences and adventures in the outdoors. Whether you’re looking for leisure activities or planning a team-building day, our trained guides and quality equipment ensure a safe and memorable experience.

Fatbike Tours – Explore Nature in a New Way

Fatbikes, equipped with wide tires, offer the perfect way to enjoy Finland’s nature year-round. These mountain bikes open up nature exploration to everyone, providing a new way to experience the outdoors.

Guided Fatbike Tours

We offer guided Fatbike tours in the Oulu, Raahe, Kalajoki, and Vaasa regions. Our tours cater to all skill levels and can be tailored to the group’s preferences.

Fatbike Rentals

For those who wish to explore nature independently, we offer Fatbike rentals. Inquire about our rental options.

Fatbike Recreational Days and Team Building

Fatbike tours are an excellent choice for team-building and relaxation days, offering a fun and active way to strengthen teamwork and enjoy nature together.

Fatbike Team Building and Group Activities

Fatbike tours are also a great way to build team spirit and provide unique experiences for groups. Inquire about tailored trips and team-building activities.

Experienced Guides and Quality Equipment

Our experienced guides know the best routes based on the conditions, allowing you to focus on enjoying the tour. We aim to provide more than just guidance and equipment – we want to inspire those interested in pursuing the sport as a hobby.

Fatbike Tours in Different Areas

We organize tours in the Oulu, Raahe, Kalajoki, and Vaasa regions. With our excellent transport equipment, we can practically carry out tours anywhere. We’ve started tours from locations like the Oulu city center hotel’s yard or the Rokua terrain, as requested by groups.

Fatbike retki Oulussa

Additional Activities – Stand-Up Paddleboarding, Canoeing, or Forest Trips

Want to combine Fatbiking with other activities? We also offer canoeing, stand-up paddleboarding, and much more. Explore our canoeing trips and SUP boarding for more information. We also provide many other activities, such as hiking and nature exploration.

Group Size and Flexibility

We are highly flexible with group sizes. Our minimum group size is 4 people, but we can arrange guided tours for smaller groups, considering the minimum billing is for four people. In Oulu, we have around 30 Fatbikes, allowing us to serve even larger groups. Additionally, by combining other activities like canoeing, SUP boarding, or hiking, we can organize guided tours for groups exceeding a hundred people.

Price List

  • Two-hour guided tour: From Nallikari – 45€/person
  • Fatbike tour within a 30km radius of Oulu city center: 55€/person
  • Tent sauna:: 250€/2 hours
  • Campfire meal: Starting from 15€/person

Prices include VAT.

Explore our open Fatbike tours and other trips via this link.

Contact Us and Reserve Your Tour

Get in touch and book your Fatbike tour today. We’re happy to assist your group in choosing the best destination or any other inquiries.

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