The wing type’s name, Moustache, is referred to as a parakite in English. Controlling the glider is largely similar to paragliders, but the Moustache can also quickly “dive” up and down, similar to a hang glider. Hand adjustments mainly control the wing’s angle of attack, keeping the trailing edge profile as aerodynamic as possible.

Lappis is Flare’s Pro Partner in Finland. We have all Moustache-demo wings Moustache demo wings available for interested pilots in sizes: 13, 15, 18, 22, 26. Pilots should have paragliding or speedriding training or equivalent flying skills.

Demo weeks in Pallas in spring 2024 include:


Flare split-leg harnesses are extremely comfortable and lightweight, weighing only 410 grams without the parachute. The harnesses come with a Permair airbag, making the total weight 810 grams.

We have demo harnesses available for testing. Additionally, it is possible to attach suspension straps in a suitable place and test hanging in the harness at your own pace.

Flaren Online Store:

Flare products can be ordered from the go-flare-Online store where you can find the current price list. Through Lappis, you can get a 5% discount code. The warehouse is located in Europe, and the estimated delivery time is about 2 weeks if the product is in stock or if the online store indicates an estimated delivery time.

Depending on the pilot’s weight, skill level, and main flying location, we can recommend the right-sized wing.

If you are interested in trying a demo or considering a purchase, please contact us to ensure the right-sized wing.

IG @jere.malinen  / email jere@lappis.fi   /  form:

Flying Locations:

Slope soaring spots suitable for Moustache in Finland include:

  • Pallastunturi
  • “Huuhaa” in Southern Finland
  • Ärjänsaari in Lake Oulujärvi

Moustache is also a fully functional kite. Kite skiing can be practiced in winter on frozen seas and lakes.

Moustache 13, 15, and 18 are flying here in Pallas: