In 2006, Lappis was born from kite skiing!

Kite skiing, a magnificent wind sport, combining the sensations of speed and freedom. Tatu, a Lappis individual, began kite skiing courses in Rovaniemi in 2006, and since then, it has been at the core of Lapland. Explore the fundamentals of kite skiing and discover why it’s one of the most splendid ways to enjoy the Finnish winter!

Kite skiing is a versatile activity, using kites ranging from 7 to 18 square meters to move with the force of the wind. Thanks to Finland’s thousands of lakes, kite skiing can be pursued in almost any location, offering a unique way to relish the winter nature.

Start Kite Skiing Safely – Lappis’ Kite Skiing Courses

Kite skiing is an activity that requires proper guidance and training. When approached correctly, it’s incredibly safe, but without proper instruction, starting this sport can pose significant risks. Lappis organizes kite skiing courses across Finland, providing approximately 6-hour-long training sessions. After completing these courses, you’ll be prepared for independent and safe kite skiing.

Vuonna 2006 Irlannissa asuessani menin leijasurffauksen peruskurssille. Muutama viikko kurssin jälkeen muutin rantakadulle, jotta pääsen harrastamaan kävellen, kun en omistanut autoa, vaikka tämä tarkoitti 45 min pidempää työmatkaa :). Tästä eteenpäin leijasurffaus onkin vienyt miestä ympäri maailman, ja parasta on tarjota näitä fiiliksiä myös asiakkaillemme! Voin siis aidosti suositella lajin aloittamista aivan jokaiselle!

Harri Rautava, Lappis

Kite Skiing Gear – Start the Sport with the Right Equipment

Getting into kite skiing requires acquiring the right gear. Lappis offers a wide range of new, past-season, and used kite skiing equipment suitable for both beginners and experienced enthusiasts. We provide guidance and tips on purchasing gear, even if your choice doesn’t fall within our offerings. The crucial thing is getting you into the sport safely and fostering your enthusiasm. Read this article as an example where unknowingly acquired equipment almost became a hazard.

Events and Camps Throughout the Year

We organize numerous events and camps centered around kite skiing and kite surfing throughout the year. For kite skiing, every February, we host the Pallas Kite Week in Pallastunturi. This week-long event gathers enthusiasts from around the world and is one of the largest and most approachable events in the sport.

Kite Skiing and Kite Surfing: A Diverse World of Kiteboarding

Kiteboarding, also known as kite surfing, is a versatile hobby that emerged in the 1990s. This sport utilizes a large power kite to propel enthusiasts either on water using a kiteboard or on snow with skis or a snowboard. Kiteboarding encompasses several disciplines depending on where and with which equipment it’s practiced – be it on water, snow, or land.

The gear used in kiteboarding varies based on the discipline: it could involve a kiteboard, skis, snowboard, ice skates, wakeboard, surfboard, hydrofoil, or mountain board. The sport combines various tricks and jumps influenced by other board sports. However, kiteboarding offers much more than just tricks and jumps – it’s a sport that can be enjoyed at varying speeds, from high-energy action to serene cruising.

Kiteboarding stands apart from gliding or flying. Kite skiing refers to kiteboarding on snow, while kite surfing pertains to the water-based variant. Both forms provide a unique way to experience nature and move using the power of the wind.

It’s recommended to start kite skiing and kiteboarding under professional guidance through a course. Despite significant advancements in kite safety technology, kites remain powerful tools. An experienced enthusiast can ascend up to thirty meters with a kite, even without a ramp. If this force becomes uncontrollable, the consequences can be serious.

During the course, you’ll quickly and safely learn the fundamentals of kite skiing and kiteboarding. Achieving an independent level in winter courses usually takes about six hours, while summer courses last around eight hours. The focus of the courses is on power control and learning safety skills. You’ll learn to avoid hazardous situations and act correctly if they arise.

Kite skiing courses are held in various locations in Finland, such as the capital region, Turku, Tampere, Hyvinkää, Joensuu, Kuopio, Kajaani, Jyväskylä, Oulu, and Lapland. This allows you to start the sport near you under the guidance of knowledgeable instructors.

The courses start with access to an online learning environment, followed by a virtual theory session held online. This section covers the safety, theory, and equipment aspects of kite skiing and kiteboarding.

Take a closer look at the courses and reserve your spot!

Thanks to diverse and extensive natural landscapes, kite skiing is a winter sport that fits exceptionally well with Finland’s winter conditions and can be pursued almost anywhere within the country’s borders.

Ideal Places for Kite Skiing

  1. Frozen Sea: Frozen sea surfaces are excellent locations for kite skiing, offering vast open areas where you can enjoy the freedom and speed of the sport.
  2. Large Lakes: Finland’s numerous lakes provide ideal conditions for kite skiing. The vast frozen surfaces of the lakes are perfect spots to safely engage in kite skiing while enjoying stunning views.
  3. Marshlands and Open Areas: Marshes and other large open areas with ample space for flying kites are also popular spots for kite skiing.
  4. Fell Areas: The fell areas in northern Finland offer a unique environment for kite skiing. The open spaces on fells and the often prevailing good wind conditions make them ideal places for practicing the sport. You can see how it looks at its finest through this link.

Nearby Recreational Opportunities

The geographical diversity of Finland means that no matter where you live in the country, you likely have a suitable spot nearby for kite skiing. Whether it’s a nearby lake, coastline, or open terrain, kite skiing is an activity that brings winter joys close to you.

Engaging in kite skiing in Finland is also an excellent way to explore the country’s stunning winter landscapes and enjoy outdoor activities in the fresh winter air. It offers both physical and mental refreshment and is a fantastic way to experience nature in a new light.

Kiteboarding Equipment: Find the Perfect Gear at Lappis

When starting kiteboarding, it’s essential to select the right gear that supports learning the sport safely. At Lappis, we are Finland’s leading importer and retailer of kiteboarding equipment, offering a wide range of new, previous year’s models, and used gear for all needs. We take pride in providing competitive prices comparable even to Central European online stores, along with personalized service and expertise in selecting equipment.

Kiteboarding Gear

When starting kiteboarding, you’ll need the following gear:

  • Kite and bar with lines: Choosing the kite is a critical part of acquiring equipment. We offer a wide range of kites suitable for both beginners and more experienced enthusiasts.
  • Harness and leash: Harness and leash are crucial safety equipment, assisting in controlling the kite’s power and ensuring safety during the hobby.
  • Pump: A pump necessary for inflating the kite is an essential piece of equipment.

Kite Surfing Gear

To start kite surfing, you’ll need the above-mentioned gear and:

  • Wetsuit: Protects from cold water and enhances swimming.
  • Kite surfing board: A specialized board for kite surfing (twintip kiteboard).
  • Helmet and flotation vest: We recommend using a helmet and flotation vest for additional safety.

Equipment for All Budgets

Whether your budget is large or small, you’ll always find a suitable option with us. We offer quality equipment for every enthusiast, whether you’re just starting out or an experienced kiteboarder. Our personalized service will help you find the gear that suits your needs and budget.

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