Kiteboarding involves using a kite ranging from approximately 10 to 18 square meters to propel oneself across the water with the power of the wind. In Finland, this sport can be enjoyed along our entire coastline and on some of the largest lakes.

It’s advisable to always start kiteboarding with the guidance of an instructor or at least an experienced practitioner. Lappis organizes kiteboarding courses in numerous locations throughout Finland, and after an approximately 8-hour course, you’ll be ready for independent and safe practice.

In addition to courses, we are the leading kiteboarding shop in Finland, importing top brands worldwide. Through us, you can find new, previous years’ models, and used equipment for both summer and winter. Furthermore, we arrange numerous events, camps, and excursions.

In 2006, while living in Ireland, I attended a basic kiteboarding course. A few weeks after the course, I moved closer to the shore so I could walk to practice since I didn’t own a car, even if it meant an extra 45 minutes to my commute :). Since then, kiteboarding has taken me around the world, and the best part is being able to offer these experiences to our customers!
Harri Rautava, Lappis

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Kite Skiing & Kiteboarding

kiteboarding Kiteboarding, also known as kite skiing or kite snowboarding, is a term used for a hobby developed in the 1990s. It involves using a sufficiently large traction kite to propel the participant over water on a board specifically designed for this purpose or over snow using skis or a snowboard. Kiteboarding is divided into several subcategories as the kite’s generated traction can be utilized for movement over water, snow, or land. Specialized equipment includes kiteboards, skis, snowboards, ice skates, wakeboards, surfboards, or mountain boards.

Kiteboarding encompasses various tricks and jumps, drawing influences from other board sports.

However, the sport is much more than just performing tricks and jumps. Kiteboarding and kite skiing can be practiced at various speeds, offering both high-paced action and relaxed experiences. It’s important to note that kiteboarding should not be confused with gliding or flying. Kite skiing on snow is also known as kite skiing, while kiteboarding over water is referred to as kiteboarding or kite surfing.

Kite skiing and kiteboarding are best started through a course. Although the safety of kites has improved, they hold immense power. A skilled enthusiast can be propelled by a kite up to thirty meters without a ramp, and if this force gets out of control, the consequences can be severe. Through a course, you can quickly and safely learn the basics of the sport. Typically, in a winter course, one can reach an independent level with about 6 hours of instruction, while in the summer, it may take around 8 hours. The course emphasizes a lot on mastering the force and teaches crucial skills to avoid dangerous situations. Kite skiing courses are available in the Helsinki metropolitan area, Turku, Tampere, Hyvinkää, Joensuu, Kuopio, Kajaani, Jyväskylä, Oulu, and Lapland.

Nowadays, courses start with a virtual theory session conducted online. This section covers the sport’s safety, theory, and equipment. You can also choose to participate solely in this theory session if you prefer.

Finland boasts a long coastline, allowing for kiteboarding opportunities. Starting from the north and moving southward, excellent spots include the area between Oulu and Lohtaja (including Hailuoto), Yyteri in Pori, Hanko, and Helsinki. In addition to coastal areas, kiteboarding is also practiced in Finland’s lake regions, including Lahti, Joensuu, Tampere, Jyväskylä, Kuopio, and Oulujärvi.
Kiteboarding Equipment
Especially when acquiring your first kiteboarding gear, it’s essential to turn to us or experienced enthusiasts. Kites have many small details that can significantly impact starting the sport and its safety. Here’s an article we’ve written that encounters similar situations yearly.

We are Finland’s leading importer and retailer of kiteboarding gear. Our selection includes new, last season’s, and used equipment for all needs. We’re also proud to offer a price range that rivals even Central European online stores, yet we provide personalized service in gear selection unlike them.

When starting kiteboarding, you’ll need the following equipment (in addition to a snowboard/skis):

kite, bar with lines, harness, leash, and a pump.

For starting kiteboarding, in addition to the above:

wetsuit, kiteboard, and it’s recommended to have a helmet and a life vest.

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