Meloja 1 – Basic Canoeing Course in Oulu

Learn the Basics of Canoeing with Expert Guidance

Lappis’s Meloja 1 Basic Canoeing Course at the Oulu Paddling Center on Linnanansaari Island is designed to provide you with a comprehensive and safe introduction to the world of canoeing. Our course is structured according to the standards set by the Canoeing and Rowing Federation, ensuring you receive the best possible instruction in the fundamentals of canoeing.

Course Content and Objectives

The aim of our course is to provide participants with a strong foundation in canoeing techniques and safety, enabling them to continue their canoeing hobby independently and safely.

  • Canoeing Techniques: You’ll learn straight-line paddling, steering strokes, turning strokes, and paddle control. We’ll cover how upper body rotation and proper paddling posture affect efficient canoeing.
  • Safety and Equipment: We’ll address safety aspects such as practicing capsizing and basic self-rescue. Additionally, we’ll teach how to use life jackets, pumps, whistles, spray skirts, and other equipment.
  • Theory Lessons: We’ll introduce different canoeing disciplines and their equipment to help you understand the versatility of canoeing.
  • Practical Training: The course includes on-water practice sessions, allowing you to apply what you’ve learned and develop your skills.
  • Duration: The course consists of two teaching sessions, approximately 4 hours per day.
  • Price: €135 per person, including canoeing equipment, instruction, and the Meloja 1 certification card.

Season Passes and Further Opportunities

For active canoeists, we offer season passes, that allow for regular practice and flexible canoeing according to your schedule.

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