Cable wakeboarding is a sport where enthusiasts are pulled on a board across the water using a device similar to a ski lift, much like waterskiing behind a boat. Oulu Wakepark, located at the Oulu Paddling Center in Linnansaari, offers you the opportunity to try this exciting activity with the guidance of experienced instructors. No prior experience in the sport or personal equipment is required – just bring your enthusiasm!


  • 1-hour ticket: €25/person
  • Equipment rental: €10/person

For an open one-hour session, we accommodate a maximum of 4 people.

  • Private hour: €120 (includes equipment)
  • 5-time ticket 95€/with equipment 135€
  • 10-time ticket 135€/with equipment 260€
  • seasonpass 395€

Oulu Wakepark is also an excellent addition to bachelor parties, team-building days, or even birthday celebrations. If you’re interested in a customized package, feel free to contact us at

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