With Lappis’s season passes, you can enjoy top-notch equipment throughout the season!

Canoeing, SUP boarding, fat biking, wakeboarding, and water park activities – all fantastic activities that we hope everyone finds a hobby to enjoy nature and exercise repeatedly.

Season passes allow unlimited participation without the need for expensive purchases, maintenance, or storage.

Lappis’s season pass opens up the opportunity to engage in activities with high-quality equipment every day. We invest heavily in updating our equipment and ensure that as your skills develop, you still get a lot out of the sports!

The season pass is valid at both of our locations!

One of the fantastic benefits of a season pass is its versatility. Currently, the season pass is valid in both Oulu and Raahe locations. Especially for canoeing and SUP boarding, both locations offer stunning waters, and it’s a pleasure to provide season pass holders the chance to enjoy both!

Through self-service, you are not bound by opening hours..

With our updated systems, we can offer season pass holders the opportunity for self-service rentals. This means you are not tied to the opening hours of our locations. How does paddling in the midnight sun sound, or kicking off the season as soon as the ice melts?

Several different season passes are available, and their prices vary:

  • Single activity season pass (SUP, Canoeing, or Fatbike) €149
  • Multi-activity season pass (SUP, Canoeing, and Fatbike) €199
  • Water Park season pass €89
  • Family season pass (SUP, Canoeing, Fatbike & Water Park) €399
  • Cable Wakeboard (Oulu Wakepark) €399
  • Super Pass (Wakeboarding, SUP, Canoeing, Fatbike & Water Park) €499
With a season pass, you can participate in one activity every day.

For each activity, it allows:

  • Two hours of canoeing
  • Two hours of SUP boarding
  • One hour in the water park
  • Two hours of fat biking
  • One wakeboard slot

For longer rentals, the following additional charges apply:

Full day +€10

24 hours +€15

In addition to rentals, the season pass also allows participation in some of our guided trips.

These include:

In Oulu: Monday canoeing and Wednesday SUP school

The Canoe season pass opens up the stunning waters of Oulu’s river estuary and Raahes’ archipelago for you.

Our equipment is conveniently located right by the water at both locations, making it effortless to start your paddling adventure.

We are renewing our canoe equipment almost entirely for the summer of 2023. In addition to basic kayaks, our fleet also includes more performance-oriented instructor kayaks that offer even more as your skills grow.

The Canoe season pass is valid from mid-May to October.

With Lappis, the SUP boarder’s season pass offers a lot. Firstly, our equipment is located in Oulu and Raahe right by the water.

In addition to that, through our comprehensive import, our equipment is very diverse. There are easy all-round boards, efficient touring boards, and extremely high-performance race boards. So, regardless of your mood, you’ll always find a model that suits the situation!

The SUP season starts around mid-May and lasts until October.

The Oulu area is full of fantastic trails, and a fat bike is undoubtedly the best equipment to explore them!

At our Oulu and Raahe locations, we primarily use high-quality carbon-fork Silverback bikes, which even demanding enthusiasts will enjoy.

The fat biking season pass starts around mid-May and lasts until October.

We are currently exploring possibilities to offer fat bike self-rentals throughout the year!

The Water Park is outdoor fun at its best (and most fun)!

Numerous obstacles and jump towers invite you to have a great time while providing a touch of water and real exercise!

The Water Park season pass entitles you to one visit per day, and we aim to open the Oulu park at the beginning of June, serving until mid-August.

Note! This season pass is only valid in Oulu’s water park.

Feel like doing several activities, but investing in equipment, and especially their storage, doesn’t appeal to you. Lappis’s multi-activity season pass is the choice for a true outdoor enthusiast as it allows canoeing, SUP boarding, and fat biking every day!

We have designed the equipment so that even demanding enthusiasts can enjoy it. In canoeing, in addition to high-quality general kayaks, our fleet includes more performance-oriented instructor kayaks, in SUP boards, you’ll find everything from easy all-rounders to very agile race boards, and in fat bikes, most of our equipment is built around carbon-fork Silverback bikes.

Oulu Wakepark is a visible part of Oulu’s paddling center, and, in fact, the whole place has been built around the wake park.

With the wake season pass, you can practice daily for one slot.

The season pass does not include equipment rental, but if you wish, you can rent equipment for €10 per session.

What could be better than enjoying sports as a family?

The family season pass includes a season pass for four family members (in the same household). This means, for example, two can go canoeing, one can SUP board, and one can have a blast in the water park. Or everyone can go canoeing together. One thing is certain – our selection offers activities for every taste!

I want to do everything and a lot!

Then the Super Pass is for you! With it, you can do wakeboarding, SUP boarding, canoeing, and fat biking every day! In addition, with the Super Pass, you can engage in a very alternative water sport in Oulu’s fantastic water park!