Welcome to the world of Speedriding!

We organize courses primarily during the winter in Pallas, but handling exercises are also possible in Oulu and Southern Finland.

The price for courses held in Pallas is 300€/person, including 6 hours of instruction in the sport.

If you are already engaged in paragliding, we offer a condensed course for 150€ with 3 hours of instruction.

We also rent equipment to experienced enthusiasts at 80€/day (if there is no instruction scheduled for that day).

Please note that participating in the Speedriding course is entirely at your own risk. 

In our teaching, we use new Level Speed riding wings, for which we also serve as the importer.

For more information about the courses, please contact us via email at juho.ruokanen@iki.fi. We aim to respond to messages on the same day.

SpeedRiding is Safe

Descending with a speedriding mini-wing in a suitable slope is not more dangerous than regular skiing. In the beginning, the student rarely lifts off the ground because the wing slows down the speed to a suitable level, even slower than normal skiing. The purpose of the course is not to teach flying but controlled descending with a speedriding wing, laying the foundation for a new hobby. The charm of speedriding lies in alternating between skiing on the snow and flying above the slope. A Speedriding student should master regular skiing skills, preferably with slightly shorter skis, and it is suitable for all ages. Snowshoes or lighter skis, which can also be used for skiing, are advantageous when moving to different locations.

After going through the equipment and its functions, ground handling without skis is practiced. The wing is filled with air, lifted above the head in light wind, and then brought down. Skiing exercises begin on a gentler slope, where the student controls the wing flying above and learns to guide it, safely bringing it down. The wing rises above the skier in the slope, even in completely calm weather, creating a braking and lifting effect. Afterward, the student can choose to make low glides in steeper sections or stay close to the slope, making turns.

Unlike in the Alps, one additional dimension of the sport in Finnish conditions is riding the wing along the surface of the snow with skis, assisted by the wind – similar to kite skiing. This allows for riding the same wing uphill with the wind, skiing down, and flying back downwind. Thus, you can engage in ascents and descents as a continuous activity throughout the day. On a calm day, you can also take the lift up with the wing under your arm and ski down off-piste. Packing the wing for a new ascent takes only a couple of minutes.

What after the course?

Once you have completed the course or if you are already involved in the sport, we have secured the Finnish representation for Level Speedriding wings (check out Level wings on their website).

As a result, we offer all Level products at great discounts! For the Level Fizz 2 & Fury Max wings, you get an additional 15% discount with the code fizz-fury and for other Level Flame wings, you get a –20% discount with the code level-flame