Speedriding equipment

Through us, you can get speedriding equipment from easy options suitable for beginners to high-performance models.


For wings, we operate as the official importer of the well-known Level Wings brand. Through us, you can get all of Level’s equipment at great prices. In addition, we are an official Pro Center for Flare Moustasche, a wing designed for experienced pilots! More information: https://www.lappis.fi/palvelut/flare-pro-partner/


Good harnesses are an essential part of the equipment package. For these, we recommend Level Fusion harnesses.


Depending on the location of the activity, skis may not necessarily need to be special. If the sport is practiced in a ski resort (note here that the activity must be carried out in a way that does not endanger others), regular alpine skis work well. When practicing in other mountain areas, skis suitable for skiing are highly recommended.

Level Wings

Level Wings is a brand founded by Francois Bon, a pioneer and the second-best speedriding pilot in the world, along with Malcom Wood. Level Wings offers mini wings and speed wings that provide the best possible feel and safety.
Although Level’s goal is to create wings that offer fantastic experiences for enthusiasts, safety is still the top priority in product development.
Level is a true ”By Pilots, for Pilots” brand, and at Lappis, we definitely want to work with brands backed by individuals with genuine passion!

From Level Wings’ range, you can find easy and calm Fizz wings that are not boring, and additionally, more performance-oriented FLAME models suitable for pilots seeking a highly performant wing!

Demo weeks in Pallas in spring 2023 include at least:

– Weeks 7-8 https://www.pallaskiteweek.com/ (11 – 26.2)

– Easter and the following week 15 (7 – 16.4)

If you are interested, please contact:harri.rautava@lappis.fi