When cable wakeboarding has captivated you, it’s time to explore the equipment.

Board: There are numerous wakeboard models on the market, making it challenging to find the right one. Typically, cable wakeboarding uses boards without fins, ranging from 135cm to 152cm in length. The main distinction between a board designed for behind a boat and a cable wakeboard is whether the board has fins or not. While a board designed for behind a boat usually works well on the cable, remember to remove the fins before hitting the ramps. ;)
Bindings: Wakeboarding bindings may resemble snowboard boots when viewed from a distance, attached to the board with screws. In a way, that’s exactly what they are. Bindings come in closed-toe models (a common choice for active enthusiasts) and open-toe models (typical in rental boards).

Wetsuit: A high-quality wetsuit is crucial for all water sports. A good suit ensures mobility and warmth. Even if other equipment is top-notch, wearing a too stiff suit can ruin the enjoyment. For wakeboarding, a 4mm or 3mm suit is suitable for an entire season. For those actively engaging throughout the season, a 5mm suit is recommended for colder days, and a 3mm suit with short sleeves or legs is suitable for warmer summer days. When the 3mm suit gets too hot, it’s time to wakeboard in shorts 😎.

Impact Vest: Vests are essential safety equipment in the sport. In the early stages, we recommend buoyant vests, but more active wakeboarders often use impact vests, offering some buoyancy while providing protection against impacts. Generally, in Finland, it’s not allowed to practice without purpose-designed vests.

Helmet: In water sports, a helmet protects you from two things. The helmet itself naturally protects against impacts, such as those during jumps and other obstacles. Another crucial aspect of helmets is ear protection. In a face-first fall, there is a risk of damaging the eardrums. For this reason, we recommend choosing equipment designed for the sport.

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