On this page, you’ll find more information on how to quickly, easily, and safely learn the wingfoil sport.

There are several aspects to starting wingfoiling that are important to master for safe engagement in the activity. These include:

  • Acquiring the right equipment
  • Proper setup and preparation of the gear
  • Finding suitable locations and settings for the hobby
  • Practical training in the correct manner and sequence

Get the fundamentals down with a virtual course.

or several years, we have organized weekly virtual basic courses for kite skiing and kite surfing. With the extremely positive feedback and experience we’ve gained, we are expanding our course offerings to include kite skiing as well. The virtual course covers all aspects that pave the way for you to become an independent and skilled enthusiast. Initially, virtual courses are scheduled approximately once every two weeks, but if necessary, we’ll provide them more frequently. The duration of the virtual course is 2-2½ hours, aiming to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed for safe independent practice of the sport.

Introduction to hydrofoils in controlled environments

Practical training with the kite and board is possible and quite safe on your own, especially with the knowledge gained from the virtual course. The most challenging part of the sport, especially at the beginning, is the hydrofoil itself. As the board rises “in flight,” it initially feels like standing on a ball joint and not knowing where to lean. To ensure this phase is as smooth as possible, we’ve built a network of partners with whom we can offer an easy way to get into the sport. These partners include Finland’s leading cable wakeboard parks. At these parks, you can focus solely on controlling the board without worrying about speed, wing control, and more. When you participate in the kite skiing virtual course, the course price will include a ticket to a wake park of your choice. Additionally, upon purchasing a new gear package, you’ll receive a single-entry ticket to the wake park.

In collaboration with us, hydrofoil instruction is offered by:

Additionally, especially in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, we aim to offer hydrofoil instruction behind a boat in the traditional wakeboarding/water skiing style next summer.

Continuing practice in the learning environment

During the year 2023, we’ve started building a virtual learning environment. There, we will create materials that will facilitate rapid progress in the sport. Furthermore, we are collecting quality materials from around the world that we find beneficial. By participating in our courses, you’ll gain access to our learning environment.

Benefits for Equipment Purchase

For all course participants, we offer equipment with excellent deals. These vary from time to time, but it can be said that these discounts alone already “pay back” the cost of the course :) Below are examples from the selection, but students get additional benefits beyond these.

Are you interested in the sport and want assistance with equipment selection in addition to the course? Fill out the form below, and we’ll get in touch with you :)