On this page, you’ll find a comprehensive list of equipment to get you started in the world of Wingfoiling

Lappis is Finland’s leading importer of water sports equipment (such as Eleveight, SAB Foil, Duotone, Fanatic ja ION), and with us, you can find gear for every need. Even though at first it might seem like ‘I’ll just get something to try out,’ we want to emphasize that in wingfoiling, starting with the wrong equipment can make the sport nearly impossible or at least very challenging. The right hydrofoil, board, and wing are crucial. This doesn’t necessarily mean the gear has to be the most expensive, but attention to detail is crucial! We’re happy to assist you in finding exactly what you need, and we’re confident that within our selection, you’ll find everything required!

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Wingfoil Boards

Wingfoil boards come in various sizes and constructions. The majority of boards on the market are ‘hard’ boards, made of fiberglass or carbon fiber. Recently, there have been inflatable boards introduced to the market, featuring a good structure and a carbon fiber baseplate,suitable for beginners and ideal when storage or transportation space is limited. At the start, choosing the right board size is crucial. If the board is too small, it might take weeks to find balance even to get onto the board. On the other hand, if the board is too large, initiating its movement can be quite strenuous.

In our selection, we have Fanatic’s, SAB Foil’s, Eleveight’s, and Shark’s wingfoil boards


A wing, handheld for riding. Modern-day wings are manufactured using the same materials and methods as kiteboarding kites. When selecting a wing, the first consideration is size. Just like with other equipment, choosing the right size is crucial, ensuring it’s not too small. Additionally, the wing’s structure and material are very important. When riding with a wing, you’re ‘pumping’ yourself into motion, which puts significant strain on the wing. Wings made from weaker materials tend to stretch quickly, losing their shape and properties. This is why many leading brands in the sport are long-standing kiteboarding brands with up to 20 years of experience in materials and design. It’s more sensible to buy a used quality gear than a new ‘cheap’ one. In the video below, we discuss these aspects in more detail with Eleveight’s lead designer, Peter Stiewen. Stiewen.


Hydrofoil also known as the ‘lifting wing’ beneath the board. The hydrofoil is ”the ‘magic sauce’ of the sport, enabling the entire experience! Hydrofoils have seen significant advancements, and as mentioned earlier, choosing the right size and model is crucial. A high-quality hydrofoil can be large, user-friendly, Crafting a quality hydrofoil involves combining the aerodynamic expertise akin to airplane wings in design and a strong proficiency in handling carbon fiber. Here’s an interview with Balz about this.

Kite Leash

the board and wing. A small thing, but with a huge impact on comfort and safety. Even in light wind conditions, retrieving a runaway board or wing can be quite a task, not to mention in strong winds. For board leashes, we recommend a waist belt to which the leash is attached. Wings usually come with their own leash, but there can be exceptions, so it’s good to confirm in advance!


If you plan to pursue this sport in Finland for more than a few summer days, a wetsuit is an absolute necessity. A quality wetsuit keeps you warm from the first thaw until well into autumn when the water turns to ice again. The general thickness in Finland is 5mm, suitable throughout the season. Quality matters here too. A good suit provides flexibility without stretching, making it comfortable and durable. Moreover, a quality suit is warmer. It’s not an overstatement to say that a high-quality 3mm suit is warmer than a low-quality 5mm suit.

Other Neoprene Gear

In addition to the wetsuit, depending on the location and conditions, it’s advisable to invest in other gear. Neoprene boots are highly recommended! They not only add warmth but also protection Often, you may have to launch from challenging spots with sharp rocks. Also, at times when swimming near the board, one might accidentally hit the sharp rear edge of the hydrofoil, resulting in a cut on the foot. T Apart from boots, a hood/beanie and gloves with flexibility are essential in cold weather.

Safety Gear

Although the sport is safe, relying solely on a leash to keep a large board close can be risky. Leashes can break, and there’s a possibility of the rider getting hit by the board, potentially losing consciousness. Therefore, it’s crucial to always wear a floatation vest when on the water. Additionally, in this sport, a helmet is highly recommended!There are various purpose-built safety gears available löytyy in the market that maximizes safety without hindering movement.

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