Wingfoiling is a new wind sport that opens up Finland’s stunning water bodies in an entirely new way. It combines elements of kite surfing and windsurfing, utilizing hydrofoils that essentially turn the rider’s board into a winged vessel.

Even though wingfoiling offers fantastic opportunities for riding waves, freestyling, or even speed and track racing, I’m particularly excited about what the sport enables! Finland is filled with incredibly beautiful water bodies that were previously inaccessible with conventional wind sports due to the wind or shoreline constraints. But now, wingfoiling opens up entirely new playgrounds.

Harri Rautava, Lappis

What is Wingfoiling?

Wingfoiling involves surfing on a board ranging from ~140cm to 190cm in length, equipped with a hydrofoil underneath. The rider harnesses the power of the wind using an inflatable wing held in hand. Wingfoiling offers the easiest access among all wind sports, regardless of the wind conditions.

In Finland, the performance capability of wingfoiling in light winds allows the sport to be practiced both at sea and in our beautiful inland waters. A skilled enthusiast can enjoy the activity in winds as low as under 4 m/s (meters per second), while a well-prepared beginner can safely train in winds exceeding 10 m/s.

Where can you practice Wingfoiling?

One of the absolute advantages of wingfoiling is the variety of places where it can be practiced. In principle, any location with water depth of approximately 1 meter or more and an open stretch of water of around a kilometer or more makes it entirely possible to engage in the sport. In terms of conditions, wingfoiling is the least picky among all surfing disciplines. While kite surfing requires ample space on the beach to launch the kite and windsurfing demands firmer winds for comfortable practice, wingfoiling can be enjoyed in a wide range of locations with well-chosen equipment.

How to Start Wingfoiling?

Wingfoiling is a rather safe wind sport and, for that reason, it’s also one of the easiest to begin. However, in this sport, it is crucial to start in the right way with the proper equipment. Wingfoil gear has seen tremendous advancements in recent years, and with this new sport, the market offers a multitude of equipment options. For those not yet familiar with the sport, it can be challenging to gather information among all these choices to aid in the procurement of gear suitable for one’s intended use. At Lappis, we have been actively engaged in wind sports in Finland since 2006, and furthermore, we remain avid enthusiasts of these sports. Therefore, we are capable of assisting you in getting started with both equipment and knowledge.

We’ve developed our own virtual course package for Wingfoiling. Check out the Lappis Wingfoil beginner course.

Already excited and can’t wait to read more? :) No worries, feel free to message us right away, and let’s get started with the sport!

Who is Wingfoil suitable for?

Among wind sports, Wingfoil is the most easily approachable and thus suitable for enthusiasts of all ages and sizes. In the early stages, the sport offers a great upper body workout, but once the board rises onto the foil, it becomes significantly easier! Additionally, a larger board connected to the enthusiast with a leash significantly enhances the safety of the sport because in all situations, a ‘rescue board’ is always nearby.

Wingfoil Equipment

Especially due to the sport’s young age, acquiring Wingfoil gear requires careful consideration. In the early years of the sport (around 2019-2020), the equipment was quite challenging, even for experienced wind sports enthusiasts, taking a whole summer to grasp the sport. Now that the sport has found its ‘groove’ and with the right equipment available, starting the sport has become incredibly more accessible.

Through us, you’ll find the best equipment for the sport, and through our imports, we represent products from Eleveight, SAB Foil, Duotone, Fanatic, Shark and RL, among others.

Explore more details in our Wingfoil Buyer’s Guide that we’ve crafted

Below are some highlights from our Wingfoil selection.

Practical Ways We Can Help You Get Started with Wingfoiling

Since the inception of Wingfoiling, we’ve brainstormed the best ways to assist enthusiasts in diving into this sport, and we believe we’ve succeeded.

Here are a few examples of how we can assist you:)

  • Virtual Wingfoil Courses

We regularly organize virtual Wingfoil courses. During these sessions, we cover assembling equipment, considerations for different conditions, identifying suitable locations, and, of course, all the necessary know-how for getting started.

  • Hydrofoil Practice without Wind or Wings

The initial steps with a hydrofoil are best taken through towing. This could be via a boat or a cable wake park. We collaborate with Finland’s leading wake parks (Laguuni in Espoo, Vanajawake in Hämeenlinna, GR8Wake in Jyväskylä, and Oulu Wakepark in Oulu), providing you the opportunity to practice hydrofoiling easily and safely at these locations. Additionally, in places like Oulu and Helsinki, we offer foil training behind a boat. When you purchase equipment from us, you’ll also receive a bonus ticket for a foil training session at one of the aforementioned venues.

  • Virtual Learning Environment Provides Assistance Every Step of the Way

We also have a virtual learning environment where we compile all the materials from our courses. Through this platform, we offer resources that will aid you not only in getting started with the sport but also in progressing to the next levels.

We warmly welcome you to this new and amazing sport!