SAB Foil Front Wing 590Y – IKA Youth Foil Class


MAIN SPECSSurface: 650 cm2AR: 5,2Wingspan: 590 mmChord: 132 mmIKA YOUTH FOIL CLASS Registered

SKU: W590Y

The W590 is fast and stable, accelerates in a very smooth way, it’s quick to plane and tracks naturally. For all those riders who love an all-around wing.With its 650 cm2 of surface area, this wing allows lifting even at low speeds, while the slight reverse design keeps the stability you need at high speeds.A very easy-to-ride front wing with a good upwind angle and capable of 30+ knots. This wing is so stable and predictable that it is also ideal for beginners.IKA YOUTH FOIL CLASS Registered

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