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SAB Foil Front Wing Onda 835


MAIN SPECSSurface: 926 cm2AR: 7,53Wingspan: 835 mmVolume: 848 cm3

SKU: WO835

The Onda 835 front wing, with its medium aspect ratio and small size is designed for surfers who seek speed and maneuverability. This makes it ideal for surfers who want to tackle challenging conditions and waves with power and speed during surfing and waveriding sessions. The Onda 835 design allows surfers to carve and accelerate with ease, making it a versatile and dynamic product. A great idea is to use it combined with a wing to reach the line-up, and then leave it in neutral position to enjoy all the energy of the wave.If you’re an experienced surfer looking to push your limits, the Onda 835 front wing provides a thrilling surfing experience that will leave you craving more.

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