SAB Foil Kit Tortuga Black Series 831100


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COMPOSITIONM83K – WT1100 – S480 – F753KBag and Q01K not included

SKU: B831100K

Lappiksella uskomme kovasti siihen, että hommien kuuluu olla selkeitä :) Tästä syystä kaikki verkkokauppatilauset toimitetaan rahtivapaasti! Eli hinta minkä kaupassa näet, on hinta minkä lopussa maksat.


The Tortuga Black Series 831100 kit is a beginner-friendly product designed for wingfoil, and it is ideal for freeride in low wind conditions.Black Series components provide unbeatable value for money to this full-carbon kit, making it ideal for anyone who wants to approach the hydrofoil world without sacrificing the quality of carbon. All the components are compatible with the standard series, so that you can upgrade your equipment whenever you like. Stiffness performance is about 15% lower than standard components, and the design is monochromatic.The front wing (WT1100) features a low aspect ratio, high volume and large surface area, providing incredible, lift and the small winglets enhance stability and directionality, making it easy to ride even for those new to the sport. The mast (M83K) has a standard profile, providing a smooth and fast ride while providing excellent stiffness. The gullwing shape stabilizer (S480) provides optimal control without sacrificing maneuverability.Whether you’re new to the sport or looking to improve your skills, the Tortuga Black Series 831100 offers an accessible and exciting way to enjoy wingfoiling.

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