A taste of arctic life

A Taste of Arctic life is: The snowy forests, frozen lakes, and the sea surrounding Oulu invite adventurers to embrace the magic of winter. Lappis, a beloved local guiding and adventure company, offers you a chance to immerse yourself in the enchanting winter of Northern Ostrobothnia in 2023-2024. Discover the local secrets through activities like winter biking, forest hiking, skinbased skiing, ice fishing, and traditional sauna sessions – be just like a local!

Enchantment of Winter Biking

Winter biking is a popular activity in Oulu. Lappis knowledgeable guides will lead you to the best trails and cycle paths, where you can experience the freshness of winter and be captivated by the landscapes transforming into a white snowy wonderland. Embark on an adventure on the routes favored by locals and feel the allure and challenges of winter biking.

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Secrets of the Forest

The forests surrounding Oulu are full of mysteries. Join Lappis’ forest hikes guided by experts to enjoy the tranquility of the woods. Listen to local stories, learn about the area’s flora, and relish moments in the lap of nature. The journey is crowned by a lively bonfire and refreshments. Be a local forest wanderer who knows the secrets of every path and tree.

Choose from two different tours: Daytime or Nighttime hiking 

Magic of Skinbased skiing

Skinbased skiing is a modern yet ancient way to traverse snowy landscapes. With Lappis’ guidance, experience this tradition and glide gently through the snow on the route shown by the guide. Enjoy the silence and peace as you move along forest, just like a local who has come to know every snowy hill.

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Peace of Ice Fishing

Experience the serenity and peace of the frozen sea while ice fishing. Lappis’ expert guides will take you to the best ice fishing spots, where you can sample treasures from the waters of Northern Ostrobothnia. Be a local fisherman who knows the ice and relaxes while fishing.

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Traditional Sauna and Relaxation

Northern winter is incomplete without sauna sessions. In Koivuranta saunalauta’s traditional Finnish sauna on a floating raft, refresh and relax. As you cool off in the sauna’s warmth and the ice hole, you’ll experience the centuries-old tradition that combines community and the forces of nature. Get a taste for the arctic life and be like a local sauna enthusiast who knows that the winter chill is conquered by the sauna’s heat and the river’s icy plunge.

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Sauna is an essential to give you a real taste of arctic life

Journey to the Heart of the North with Lappis

Come and experience a taste of arctic life of Northern Ostrobothnia with Lappis’ guides. Join the ranks of wanderers who embrace the unique joys and challenges of winter just like the locals. Be like a local who has learned to love the wild beauty of the North and the enchanting experiences it offers.

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